About Me

Elise Caemasache McKenna holds an M.A. degree in English as well as a B.A. with a minor in theatre. She is currently working on her Ph.D. She has taught literature, composition, creative writing, and horror fiction at the college and university level.

She is a Tolkien Scholar and has studied his works for over twenty years. She was recently featured on Connect here at Full Sail. Her articles appear in Eclectica.org, How We Became Middle Earth, and various conference proceedings for the Tolkien Society and Tol Harndor.

With over twenty years of experience in education and as a recipient of local awards & grants based on her scholarship, Ms. McKenna guest lectures on different aspects of J.R.R. Tolkien, Joseph Campbell, and the Harry Potter series in the US and the UK. Some of her short stories and poetry as well as ink drawings and photography have been published online with various e-zines. Ms. McKenna is a member of the Tolkien Society, the Joseph Campbell Foundation, Tol Harndor, and a founder with Lord of the Rings Online. She is an avid supporter of the SPCA.

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